I am very grateful to participate in this beautiful group of meditation. I like the soulfulness classes because I feel that it is a space to find myself and connect with myself. Here I’ve learned to be more gentle with myself.

– Linda

The center feels like safe space what is very convenient for meditating. Every time I feel like home and that gives me a chance to come back home to my heart and listen, and learn. Thank you Pradeep and all participants for the experience.   – Maria

I was looking for a course where to learn how to start to meditate. It was somehow always difficult to start on my own. I’ve tried meditating many times (by but failings often) by listening to mindfulness recordings and also praying on my head reciting words. It all start to have much more sense when joining the Soulfullness course. Meditating in group is what makes possible to achieve the goal i was looking forward: making meditation a daily practice. Pradeep it is such a good teacher and i thank him very much for opening the space and heart to us. Looking forward to join a class again and meditate in group. – Melissa

I am really enjoying the classes and group meditation with many participants. Pradeep is a very kind, considerate and well experienced teacher. His guidance and techniques has opened a new door in my life. I am now enjoying my journey in the spiritual path and also exploring the new dimension of life through meditation. Thank you Pradeep so much for influencing my life in positive way.   – Ashok

Attending these meditation classes is like opening a new door to my heart, where I fully rediscover unity, love and peace. During these evenings, Pradeep kindly introduces us to the world of meditation. He guides us through deep and beautiful meditations, suggests mantra chanting, and happily shares anecdotes about spirituality.
For an evening, time stands still… Thoughts are calmed… Back to ourselves, to connect with the divine within… (because yes, apparently there’s something divine in all of us!).
These evenings helped me to better understand what meditation is, and to integrate it into my daily life, little by little… Thank you Pradeep and the other volunteers, for lovingly accompanying us on this spiritual path.   – Fanny

Hello Pradeep. Thank you again for inviting me to your meditation group last time. It was an absolutely amazing experience for me. I still use your meditation recordings and try to do meditation every day. This meditation workshop was very helpful for me. Thank you.   – Aleksander.


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