About our meditation workshops


For many people it is difficult to make meditation a part of their daily life. We love to share our own inspiration for meditation and help people set up their own meditation routine.  That’s why we regularly run free meditation courses. This free soulfulness-themed course is designed to help you meditate more deeply. This will make meditating feel less like a discipline, and more like something you look forward to on a daily basis. Pradeep will be your facilitator during the course. Our next course starts Monday evening, May 27th. The course will be 4 Monday evenings (27 May,  3, 10,17 June) from 19.00-20.45h in our own meditation center at Witte de Withstraat 27 in The Hague and is English spoken.

If you are looking for inner peace and more depth in your life or for a group to meditate with then this might be something for you. Everyone is welcome! The course is suitable for people with or without meditation experience.  The evenings are free but it is necessary to reserve a place via the contact form on the website or a WhatsApp message to Pradeep (06 365 66852).

“You do not have to surrender to destiny.
The power of destiny is limited.
The power of your soul is unlimited.
Be one – and remain one –
   with your soul
All the time.”

– Sri Chinmoy

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Would you like to register for the meditation course starting on Monday, May 27th, 2024? Please fill in your details below and we will send you a confirmation two weeks before the start of the course. (this course is in English)

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Who will give the meditation workshops?


Pradeep Hoogakker has been providing meditation workshops in The Hague with his colleagues for more than 20 years. Besides meditation and spiritual music, Pradeep is also into running. In Sri Chinmoy’s philosophy, sport is more than keeping the body fit. In particular, running stands in special relation to meditation. It can be used as a form of self-transcendence, transcending one’s abilities and making progress. Any attempt at self-transcendence gives joy and confidence that inner progress is also possible. Walking long distances reminds one of the long journey that man has to go along the path from Eternity to the Goal of Self-realization.

Pradeep was the first and only Dutchman to finish in the longest running race in the world: the Self-transcendence 3100 Mile Race. He covered this distance of nearly 5000 kilometers in 53 days and 9 hours. Without meditation, he would not have been able to do that! Learn from him and other members of the Sri Chinmoy Center The Hague.

Topics covered:

sunset_oceanBreathing exercises

Relaxation exercises

Concentration & visualization

Inner peace

Music, mantra & meditation

Meditation in daily life

Listening to your heart

Dealing with stress

Spiritual masters

Sports & meditation

Sign up

If you would like to be invited to our next course please fill out the contact form. We will then contact you two weeks before the start of a new course. We run a new course about every four months. The course is really suitable for everyone! Whether you already have experience with meditation or are a complete beginner, the energy and inspiration of the group meditation as well as the specific exercises and music of Sri Chinmoy will definitely help you make meditation a part of your daily life.